Vacation on Caldey Island, Wales
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Vacation on Caldey Island, Wales

Caldey Island, Wales is a great place for a vacation. There is much to see and enjoy. The Anglican Benedictine monks make perfume and sell it to the tourists. The perfume is very popular. You can also check out the Caldey Lighthouse that was built in 1829 and once had lighthouse keepers.

Caldey Island is 3 miles from the south Pembrokeshire coast and is near Tinby South Wales.  Caldey Island was established as a center of Celtic Christianity when the monastery was built there in the 6th century.  It is popular with tourists from all over the world and is known for being a very peaceful place.

There are many gray seals and seabirds that make this island their home.  It is also home to Cistercian Monastery and the 12th century Priory is located here.

The first thing you will see when you get to Caldey Island will be Priory Bay with its beautiful sandy beach.  You can go walking, sunbathing and swimming here.  You can also just lie around and relax on the beach.  Priory Beach is not overrun by tourists.

Two of the oldest and most interesting building on Caldey Island is Old Priory and St. Illtyds Church.  The Benedictine monks made Priory their home in medieval times.  The monastery building has been empty since the Monasteries were discontinued.  The St. Illtyds Church is still an active Roman Catholic Church.

The Anglican Benedictine monks built the Caldey Abby in 1910. The Anglican Community changed to Roman Catholic beliefs in 1913.  The Abby was sold to the monks in 1926.  The monks still live at the Abby.  The Caldey Abby is popular with tourists.

The Caldey Lighthouse is another favorite place for tourists.  The Caldey Lighthouse was built in 1829, was powered by oil in the beginning, and had lighthouse keepers that lived at the lighthouse.  The Caldey Lighthouse has been modernized and no longer needs lighthouse keepers.

Caldey Island is famous for its perfume making.  The islands perfume making was inspired by all the wild flowers that grow here.  The Monks developed the Caldey Abby Perfumes.  The perfume business is very important to the island's economy.  People that visit Caldey love the perfume and purchase it to take home.

St. David’s Church is located on Caldey Island and the building goes back to Norman times.  The Celtic chapel was built in the 6th century.  St. David’s is the island parish church.  There are wooden crosses that mark the graves of monks and people that lived on the island.  The area is still used as a cemetery and Caldey Island is known as a sacred place.  The church has many stained glass windows that are beautiful.

Another popular place to visit when at Caldey Island is the Post Office and Museum.  The Caldey Post Office was built in 1913 and the architecture goes very well with the Abby buildings.  It once served as a general store and is still a working post office.  There is a small museum located here that has exhibits about the history of the island.

Caldey Island is the necessary visit place.  People have lived on the island since the Stone Age.  Many different orders of monks have inhabited the island.  You can take a guided walk and explore the island's history.  When you are visiting the island, you can buy perfume, chocolate and shortbread that are made on the island.  Caldey Island, Wales is a great place for a vacation.

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Someday, I'll get over there.  It sounds nice.