Vacation in the Azores
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Vacation in the Azores

The Azores islands are a great place for a vacation trip. Many people immigrated to America from these islands and they still have families there. If you want a quiet vacation go to Flores or Corvos. These two islands are very small and quiet. You will not find any resort hotels and golf courses on either one of them. They are just for relaxing.

Flores is a very small island and it is the farthest west of the islands.  Flores is often called the flower island.  It contains many flowers and plants that make it one of the most beautiful and colorful places there are to visit.  Flores temperature is moderate year round and the island has a lot of rain and a lot of wind.  Flores is the greenest of all the Azores islands because of its heavy rainfall.

The highest point on Flores is Morro Alto in the north and it is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers.  The interior of Flores is mostly deserted and has beautiful landscapes and mountains.

The island has picturesque crater lakes and volcanoes caused them.  There are hot sulfur springs and deep valleys.   The island has 4,000 residents and they all live in villages along the island's coast.

Santa Cruz das Flores is the capital and it is located in the center of the east coast.  Lajis das Flaores is on the south coast and the majority of the residents live in these tow villages. 

The soil on Flores  is very fertile and settlers came from Portugal and grew maize, cereals and vegetables here.  Flores is so isolated they could not export their corps so many of the settlers left and came to America.

The lack of economic development and progress continued until the American whalers come to the island but the people still lived in poverty.

The Portuguese Navy built a base in Lapis in the south.  The French came and built a military radio communications station to control the international radio traffic.  Because of these developments, electricity, and road network was developed.  Television first came to Jaja Trandel in 1986.

Anyone that is looking for a quiet place for a vacation they will enjoy Flores. If you are looking for luxury resorts and golf courses, you will not find them on Flores.

Corvo is another good island to visit and it is the smallest of the Azores islands.  Corvos has a very rocky, high and steep coastline. 

The administrative center of the island is located in Vila Nova do Corvo. It is the smallest community in Europe with a town charter.

The American whaling ships arrived in Corvos in the 19th century and they got young men from Corvos to work on the whaling ships.  This started the immigration to America from Corvos.  The people that came to America sent money home to support their families that were left behind in Corvos.

In 1963 electricity was on the island and the telephone arrived in 1973.   At the end of the 19th century Corvo had around 1,000 people living on the island.  There are now approximately 400.  They engage in agriculture and raising cattle. The number of cattle on the island outnumbers the people.

If you want, a quit visit and uncrowned trip go visit Corvo.  It has many beautiful areas you can visit.

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