Travel To Greenland
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Travel To Greenland

Greenland is the large island situated at the confluence of Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It offers a variety of good hotels and other places to stay. Visitors can see an amazing display of the aurora borealis as well as explore the natural beauty of the country. Experience a fascinating Greenland holiday.

Greenland is the biggest non-continental island in the world and is located on the northeast of North America, mostly within the Arctic Circle. It is also one of the least populated regions on the planet. Copenhagen in Denmark is responsible for all its foreign affairs and investments. Countries close to Greenland include Iceland, Canada and Norway. The best way to reach Greenland is by air unless you have your own boat or are on a cruise. Most of the flights to Greenland are from Copenhagen but you can also travel by air from Canada and Germany. There are a few direct flights from Baltimore. 

Greenland may not be one of the most affordable holiday destinations but it makes up with its spectacular panorama, lucidity of light and exciting power of nature. The country offers large areas of breathtaking, unrestricted wilderness giving a matchless freedom to ramble at your will. You can just walk around, ski or take a ride on a dogsled. There are very few roads in the country and traveling can be very expensive. You will have to spend a lot on boat rides and helicopter but all this is worth the enjoyment and experience you get. Travel to the most incredible mountain views, glaciers or to the most amazing creeks you have ever seen by plane. Even today Greenland remains less commercialized and provides exciting activities such as rock climbing, sea kayaking and salmon fishing. 

Visitors can see an unbelievable display of the aurora borealis from August to mid-November as well as from the middle of February to early April. The best places to view the lights are the south of or around the Arctic Circle. This can be viewed best from the northernmost Arctic areas but that can be far too difficult and expensive. There are numerous picturesque little villages dotted along the west coast of Greenland with brightly painted wooden cottages. The capital city, Nuuk Town as well as some small towns are also situated on the west coast. There is an attractive dash of emerald green sheep farms in the south.

Greenland is a country of ice with almost 85 percent of it's area covered with thick ice. Ice stretches on every side of the huge island. In fact ice here can be as much as 3 kilometers thick in the middle and holds 10 percent of the world's fresh water reserves. In case of the ice melting our oceans across the planet will rise by about seven meters. 

When one thinks of Greenland typically dark and cold comes to our mind. It is true that it is a very cold region but not dark, as there is a lot of light. There is the polar darkness in Qaanaaq, where the sun is not seen for almost three months, but it does not get completely dark. Greenland has more summer hours as compared to the south but it is never near as warm, despite the light being more powerful.  All through the year Greenland has the Northern Lights but are most imposing in the autumn. You can see them in March as they vanish into the light summer nights. Another magnificent phenomenon which can be witnessed in Greenland is the midnight sun and it can be seen in the north of the Arctic Circle. Depending on your distance from the Arctic Circle it is possible to experience daylight all through the day. 

Greenland offers some good accomodation. Siniffik Inn is located in southern part of Greenland in the attractive town of Qaqortoq. This is also the largest town in South Greenland and one of the growing heartland in the country. Some other hotels include Hotel Arctic, Uummannaq Hotel, Hans Egede Hotel and Hotel Narsarsuaq. 

Greenland is the largest island in the world situated at the confluence of Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. This is why Greenland is enclosed by cold ocean currents and is always cold.  Enjoy the fascinating arctic climate of Greenland. 

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