Travel and Places: Luxembourg City Attractions
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Travel and Places: Luxembourg City Attractions

top luxembourg city attractions

Small but definitely not insignificant – that’s Luxembourg City in a nutshell. It’s rather sad that lots of people are not even aware of the many beautiful spots in Luxembourg City, fortresses and castles among them. That people tend to overlook Luxembourg is a fact that is nonetheless not surprising because Luxembourg is surrounded by giants – France, Belgium, and Germany.

Still, when intending to fly to Europe for a holiday, make sure to include Luxembourg City in your itinerary, and visit the following attractions:

1. The Notre Dame Cathedral – the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral is world-famous for many things, among them the large sarcophagus of John the Blind, the vault of the royal family, a treasury, and the annual Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg, an event that occurs during the fifth Sunday after Easter, wherein throngs of pilgrims gather to the cathedral to ask the Lady for blessings and pray for miracles.

2. The Valley Of The Seven Castles – features an array of castles, imposing and impressive.

3. The Casemates – a maze of defensive passageways holding some historical significance as these passageways paved the way for Luxembourg to earn the title “Gibraltar of the North.”

4. The Grand Ducal Palace – built between the years 1572 and 1574 the Grand Ducal Palace used to be a town hall, then the official seat of government before it became the Grand Ducal Palace of today. The Palace stays open from July 15 to September 2 only. If you specifically want to visit the palace, then the best time to book a trip is between the months of July and September.

5. The Moselle Valley – this entire region of Luxembourg is practically covered in vineyards – a must visit, indeed, for those who love to drink wines. There are many wineries in the area where you can take a guided tour of and even get to drink wine for free! Ah, now that’s really a special treat, the best way to unwind after exploring the length and width of Luxembourg.

You don’t have to be someone hungry for historical facts to appreciate the many offerings of Luxembourg. The palaces and cathedrals are delightful to look at even without knowing the history behind them, although of course, understanding what lies behind and beneath would lead to a more memorably experience.

Luxembourg City is definitely well worth seeing, so don’t miss it out when scheduling a trip to Europe.


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It seems worth visiting. Won't miss it now.