Travel Advisories for Families Traveling to Portugal
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Travel Advisories for Families Traveling to Portugal

Before traveling to Portugal, it is useful to have some basic knowledge about the country, its geography besides following the the advisories enumerated in this article.

Travel Advisories for Families Traveling to Portugal.

Portugal that remained a colonial empire centuries ago has now shrunk and become a small parliamentary democratic country with a population of about one crore.It is a coastal nation in South Western Europe located at the western end of the Iberian peninsula bordering Spain on its northern side and eastern frontiers extending 1214 Km.Portugal has a total area of 92,391 Sq.Km, comprising 91,951 sq.Km in land and 440 sq.Km in water.Portugal includes a number of  archipelago in the Atlantic ocean namely Azores and Madeira which are strategic islands located at the western approach to the strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean sea.

Anyone who wishes to travel to Portugal should know something about its climate, its official languages and the most interesting places that you have to visit there etc.Besides it is equally important to have some travel advisories to follow during your visit of Portugal.

Portugal has Mediterranean climate with an annual temperature of 12 to13 degree Celsius.It has a maritime temperature, being cool and rainy in the North and warm and drier in the South.In other words,in general the south is warm and drier than the north.

The official languages of Portugal are Portuguese and Mirandese.Portugal became a member of the European Union in 1986 and so Euro has been its currency since 01/01/2002.

Portugal with its colonial legacy is known for its art, architecture and tradition.Hence naturally Portugal boasts of a number of world heritage sites to its credit.Some of the most interesting and never to be missed sites in Portugal are:

 1.The Museu de Marinha, one of the best naval museums of the world showcasing Portugal's age of exploration

2.Douro River Valley, a place meant for a secluded enjoyment.

3.Palacio Nacional De Pena, an architectural marvel showcasing the Royal ages in Portugal.

4.The Vasco da Gama aquarium, established in1898 is an excellent place to see varieties of fisheries, mammals and water birds etc

5.Number of beautiful churches.

6.Romantic destination such as Obidos

7. Number of palaces

8.Azores, an archipelago in the Atlantic ocean.

It is relevant to note that a few churches,palaces and historical places of interest in Portugal have been declared as world heritage sites.It is interesting to note that among the European countries,Portugal has the lion's share of world Heritage sites.

People who wishes to travel to Portugal along with their families should keep in mind and if necessary may follow the following travel advisories so as to have a trouble-free and enjoyable travel in Portugal.Even if they encounter any problem during their travel and stay in Portugal, these travel advisories will be very handy:

1.Before traveling to Portugal,it is always useful to have  number of copies of your passport and other travel documents at your home so that you can utilize them in case of emergency during your travel in Portugal.

2.Travelers from US, UK and other European countries can stay in Portugal up to 90 days without undergoing any other formalities.But Non-Europeans and others should get them duly registered with the local authorities in Portugal.

3.Before going out for sightseeing and visiting places in Portugal, it is always useful to have a tour chart with you in which you can fill up all important details required for travel.

4.In case of any emergency during your travel in Portugal you can dial 112 so as to keep in touch with and seek the help of local authorities.

5.Though generally there is no any threat from the terrorists in Portugal,you must be beware of the occasional visits of the terrorists into Portugal crossing over the land borders.

6.You can use your own car in Portugal with their prior permission utilizing your international license and you should utilize your car strictly for your travel and sight seeing.In Portugal you must practice driving in the right side of the vehicle.

7.While traveling in Portugal especially in places like Lisbon, beware of the pickpockets and chain snatchers.Always keep your money safely even while traveling by car.

8.Before traveling to Portugal have a comprehensive medical insurance for you and your family members so as to meet your unexpected medical expenses that you may incur.

9.While traveling in the sea shores or beaches and going for boat rides in the Atlantic ocean, please watch out for flag signals.While green flag denotes a trouble-free travel, a red flag denotes that there is trouble ahead of you.

10.You can travel by road, by trams and other available means of conveyance.But beware of troublesome travel while going by trams in some specific routes.

11.If you are using drugs and other medicines, they must be accompanied by prescriptions from physicians.Otherwise,you may invite troubles in Portugal.Besides using or carrying prohibited drugs is a crime in Portugal.

12.Though Portugal is not notorious for HIV or AIDS, still comparing with other western countries like UK, the prevalence of HIV is more in Portugal.Hence, you must be cautious about HIV or AIDS in Portugal.

13.Since the official languages of Portugal are Portuguese and Mirandese, it is useful to have some basic or preliminary knowledge of any one of these languages.

14.Minor children below the age of 18 should not travel independently from or to Portugal.If they have to travel independently, they should have the authorization letters from their parents or guardians.

By strictly following the above mentioned travel advisories, you are rest assured of a trouble free and enjoyable travel in Portugal. 


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Excellent research on this difficult topic..

Ranked #13 in Europe

Thank you for these advisories.I think your information is most valuable.With terrorists a possibility, I will for go a trip there. Thank you.

great article, I used to have a Portuguese boyfriend many years ago but he came to Quebec when he was just a baby