Facts About Liverpool's Superlambanana
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Facts About Liverpool's Superlambanana

Facts about Superlambanana. Superlambanana and Minisuperlambananas are tourist attractions in the City of Liverpool in the U.K. Superlambanana facts.Liverpool's Superlambanana facts.

After Britain's capital, London, the most iconic and recognisable city in Britain is the City of Liverpool.

With it's iconic skyline, majestic River Mersey, two cathedrals, two world famous football clubs, birthplace of the Beatles, a host of architectural splendours and Superlambanana, Liverpool rates as Britain's second city, if not by size, certainly in terms of international fame.

Now, I could ramble on about the city's fine architecture, it's music culture, it's footballing prowess, it's history, it's bustling city centre, it's glitzy nightlife, it's museums, galleries and shops or it's thriving port...........but I wont.

It's all been done before, and I'm sure that you are all more than familiar with the aforementioned attractions that Liverpool has to offer, anyway.

Or are you?

Maybe there is one attraction of the city you are not familiar with after all.

It's Superlambanana is'nt it?

I thought as much.

So, what is Superlambanana? I hear you ask.

Well, Superlambanana is an eight ton, seventeen foot high, bright yellow, plastic sculpture of a cross between a lamb and a banana. 

Well come on, this is Liverpool, what were you expecting ?

Yes, that's right, one of the fine city of Liverpool's most sought after attractions is a plastic sculpture of a yellow lamb cross banana, and it doesn't stop there, oh no, there have been another 133 Mini - Superlambananas as well.

You think I'm making this up don't you? 

Well I kid you not, so gather round and I'll tell you all about Liverpool's Superlambanana family. 


In the year of our Lord 1998, a Manhattan based, Japanese artist fellow by the name of Taro Chiezo, created a four inch high lambanana for the Art TransPennine Exhibition held in Liverpool, as part of the celebrations of the opening of the Tate Liverpool Gallery.

The tiny sculpture was designed to represent a fusion of the City of Liverpool, past and present.

The present was signified by way of genetic tampering ( don't ask) and the past was signified by using a sheep and a banana as bananas and wool were once the most frequently transported commodities that passed through the docks of Liverpool in it's heyday, when it was the largest docks in the world.

Local Liverpool sculptor, Andy Small, along with three of his peers, then turned the four inch high lambbanana into the giant sculpture we see today.

The giant sculpture was modelled from a wire mesh frame and covered in concrete and steel at a cost of £35,000.

Chiezo loaned the Superlambanana to the city of Liverpool for ten years, with the intention of having the sculpture placed at different venues around the city.

Much scepticism ensued.

At first the people of Liverpool were not too impressed with a bright yellow, plastic monstrosity popping up uninvited upon their  city streets.

There was talk, ugly talk, Superlambanana was not welcome in Liverpool. 


Until one cold and frosty morning when the people of Liverpool awoke to find their Superlambanana painted the colour of a Fresian cow.

Who could have committed this autrocity? They shreiked.  

This is an insult to us all, how dare renegades come and make mockery of our sculpture.

I bet it were fellows from Manchester someone hinted.

Well, that did it, the mere mention of Mancunions roaming the streets of Liverpool under the cover of darkness, intent on mischief making, was too much for the fine folk of Liverpool to bear.

Superlambanana was promptly rushed to Superlambanana hospital, where his once lustrous yellow skin was restored, and he was once again placed in a prominant city centre position, and declared one of Liverpool's finest.

Liverpool's love affair with Superlambanana had begun. 


In 2008 Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture. All types of exhibitions and attractions were planned for the millions of expected visitors.

The city received a facelift, new buildings were erected, and 125 Mini -superlambananas were constructed.

The multi - coloured, six foot high, Mini Superlambananas were placed in prominent positions all over the city, some even escaped from Liverpool and found their way across the River Mersey onto the neighbouring Wirral Peninsula and even North Wales.

Britain's north, west had gone Superlambanana crazy.

These Mini - Superlambananas, sponsored by local businesses around the Mersyside area, were on show for ten weeks, with the local Liverpool Echo newspaper issuing a guide and location map, in order to turn the sculptures into a kind of  treasure hunt   experience for the city's many visitors.

It became an instant hit, for both children and adults and locals and visitors alike. 


As I pointed out earlier, the original sculpture was only on loan to the City of Liverpool for ten years.

At the end of 2008 representatives of the Superlambanana creator Taro Chiezo liased with the Culture Commitee of Liverpool.

Chiezo had found a possible buyer for his Superlambanana, in .........Manchester !

Pause for affect.

Picture the scene.

Liverpudlians rendered speechless or driven to expletives I could'nt even transcribe!. 


For six months a dark cloud decended over the entire city, whilst Culture Commitee officials looked into ways of securing Superlambanana for the people of Liverpool.

Protests were made, petitions were signed, council officials were harassed.

Then in February of 2009 an agreement was made between the two interested parties, Superlambanana was to stay in Liverpool, brows could be wiped city wide. 


In 2010, eight Mini - Superlambananas were produced to take the place of the previous 125 made for the Culture Capital experience.

They were at first placed infront of Liverpool's Three Graces -  The Liver Building, The Cunard Building and The Port Of Liverpool Authority building -  situated on Liverpool's waterfront.

They were then moved to a more permanent location at the entrance to Liverpool's Lime Street railway station later that year.

Superlambanana is now officially a bone fide tourist attraction of the City of Liverpool, along with his eight smaller cousins the Mini - Superlambananas.


For those of you not familiar with British culture, there is a friendly rivalry between the two neighbouring cities of Liverpool and Manchester, owing to their two football clubs hailed as the two top football clubs in the country.

Therefore, in no way was this article written in order to deride the fine folk of Manchester ( or to accuse them of maurauding through the streets of Liverpool with pots of paint in the dead of night ) or to blacken the name of their great city. 

Although I can't quite bring myself to say the same about either of their football teams.......Only kidding.


                                                   Liverpool's Three Graces and Anglican Cathedral. 

Have you read my article about Liverpool? You can find it here -facts-about-the-city-of-liverpool

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Comments (15)

Some great architecture in Liverpool/

Ranked #5 in Europe

This is really a wonderful article. It is either the first time I hear of Superlambana. When I saw the title and before reading your article I thought it was a dance. Your article explains everything.

Ranked #7 in Europe

Great story, hope to see all the Superlambanana statues in Liverpool one day.

Ranked #1 in Europe

@ Michael, absolutely, I just love that waterfront. @ Erik, Yes, it does look a bit like Lambada if you glance at it quickly. @ Joe, I loved the ones during the capital of culture, they could be found in the most unlikely places, they were really funny.

A first hand read about Superlambanana. Interesting statues!

Only in the UK could one find a sculpture thats a cross between a banana and a lamb. I wonder what our American freinds make of this. There are also sculptures of baby elephants all over London for some reason. I'd like to know what that is all about. I like it, I just don't get it.

Ranked #1 in Europe

@ Ron ; Thanks Ron, yes they're certainly one of a kind, that's for sure. @ Peter, take a look at this http://www.london-insider.co.uk/2010/06/baby-asian-elephants-statues-parade-london/

Ranked #5 in Europe

If I look to the link of the baby asian elephants; I remember me that I saw these before the animal in Zoo two years ago or even more. I don't know the reason anymore why they are placed there but it was for a few months.

Ranked #1 in Europe

Something to do with a British Asian Elephant charity I think Erik, highlighting various problems they are having in their natural habitat.

I've never been to London or Liverpool and they are most definitely on my 'want to' list. One of these days.....you make it come so alive, Dee; thank you for that. :)

Ranked #1 in Europe

Thankyou Marie, that is of course exactly what I want to do, so I am so pleased that you think I manage achieve it. You must of course come and visit whilst on your Grande Tour of Europe this year, and if you do, let me know so as I can come and take coffee with you !!

Dee - wouldn't THAT be great!? If we can find a connecting flight from London to Catania - that could happen -- it's the connecting from Newark or New York to Europe and connecting to Catania - there might be one from Atlanta - will have to check - an idea though :) We don't plan on staying overnight for the connection, but we COULD stay there overnight -- Then I can meet Ngozi there, too!

Ranked #1 in Europe

Sounds like a plan to me Marie. See what you can arrange, I can always pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.

That's one strange looking sculpture :-)

Ranked #1 in Europe

To be honest Belinda, I find the big one a bit of an eyesore, but the little ones are cute, and the SLB trail during the culture capital year were great fun.