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Last answer by Rama lingam 82 months ago +2 votes:
1919,the year in which the treaty of Versailles was arrived at and the place after which it was named were more important.When the first world war ended in the year 1918, the Treaty of Versailles reorganised the map of Europe and regrouped the nations; blamed Germany as the root cause for the first world war;paved the way for the establishment of the League of Nations; above all it contained the s... more
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Last answer by ECY 102 months ago +0 votes:
As with Asia, depends on the area you are interested in going but try to avoid the middle of summer for most places in Europe. Prices are higher and most places are pretty hot and crowded. Since most people get tons of holiday, they typically take a few weeks or more in the summertime to go other places in Europe. I did the Eastern Mediterranean a few years ago for 3 weeks at the end of May throug... more
Asked by stormchaserz in Europe2 answers
Last answer by ECY 102 months ago +0 votes:
Usually it's better to exchange there. My fiance lived in Holland for a couple years and I found the exchange rates outside the hotels and airports were much better in Europe. (Can't speak about the pound, only the Euro). Just watch transaction fees and what the going rate is for the time period. Last I checked, the Euro was rather strong against the dollar so you might want to wait in hopes it wi... more
Asked by stormchaserz in Europe2 answers
Madrid? Barcelona? would love to hear thoughts! more