Ireland Travel Guide
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Ireland Travel Guide

Great Ireland adventures begin with planning a well rounded travel guide for your family vacation. Transportation, sightseeing and tourist fun is packed here for you when visiting the Emerald Isle.

Everyone has an itinerary they like to follow when traveling to a far away vacation destination. There are people who want to see museums and artifacts, architecture depicting the history of the country along with so many other ideas. As a tourist in Ireland, this travel guide will take you from beginning to the end of a trip to the Emerald Isle my daughter and I took together.

Even if you don't have plans to visit Ireland, you will enjoy my travel information. At times it is reading about a destination that one learns about a country, the sights and experiences that a vacation is shared.

There are many modes of transportation to get around the Emerald Isle. Search out the one or ones that suit your needs.


1. Car rental

2. Camper rental

3. Resort living with tours provided

4. Personal driver to transport you anywhere.

5. Fully guided tour vehicle, generally done in a group.


1. Rental of a chalet or local cottage

2. Castle living

3. Bed and Breakfast homes

4. Big chain motel/hotel most often in a good sized city.

5. Camper rental for on the road sleeping.


1. Grocery store for on the go meals

2. Restaurant

3. Pub or bar meals

4. Bed and breakfast then a sack lunch to go on the road.

Itinerary for the tourist

With two weeks to spend in Ireland, My adult daughter and I wanted to see the entire Island. A rental car was chosen for transportation and reservations were secured before leaving the United States. Lodging was not reserved since we wanted to experience Ireland with some adventure. We each made a list of the things and places we wanted to see then combined them into our travel plans. A map helped us plan our tour so we did not miss anything.

A rented car will allow stopping as long as desired while sightseeing what is on your planned itinerary. Keep an eye out for gas stations and fill up at several along the way since it is not known when another will be seen.

Bed and breakfasts fit travel plans well. When a family gets tired, begin looking for a place to rest for the evening. They are abundant, fun and a variety of households and breakfasts too. Warmly welcomed early in the evening, it is suggested to stop before the dinner time. Ask the home owner where a good place to eat would be.

Spending one night in a Castle was my daughter's dream, so she picked out the Dromoland Castle, in County Clare, I highly recommend it to you. There are numerous castles to look at and choose to spend a night, however be prepared to pay triple what you would ordinarily spend elsewhere to be treated like royalty.

Attractions to see are from my prospective. Cliffs of Mohr, A surrey ride where available, at least one pub for a meal/ drink and the Waterford Crystal Factory should be considered. Too much detail won't spoil the fun of those with too much information, however you will be thrilled when you take each of those into your travel plans. An absolute must is the Blarney stone even if you don't kiss it, you can say you were there. A caveman meal will be entertaining and delicious as well.

A history buff might enjoy being in the church where Christopher Columbus was, just before leaving to discover the New World. Thousands of years of lovely architecture is abundant in the entire country of Ireland, so don't miss those sights. Visitors are mainly welcome to stroll quietly through castles and buildings without permission or reservations.

Irish is in my blood from my father's side of the family which started me singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", "Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder" and "My Wild Irish Rose"  during the trip through the Irish countryside giving our trip a Celtic flair.

By the way, Gaelic is not English, so some road signs were not able to be deciphered by either of us. Some times we took the wrong turn, but not for long before we got right back to the correct direction we intended to go to the first time. Cars are mostly stick shift or manual transmission. Oh, and the driver is on the opposite side of the vehicle from what we were used to also. One more thing, driving is done on the "wrong " side of the road too. It was decided early on to make the driving a two lady event. One would shift, while the driver would press the clutch as the driver said shift. The person shifting said to the driver, "wrong side of the road" too remind of the place to stay on the narrow roadways.

Animals roam the streets all over the place. Goats, sheep and cows in large numbers free range, so the shifter also said "animal in the road" so the driver could keep her mind on the thin driving area. Along with critters were campers on the roads. They moved very slowly since the people renting them were enjoying the sights along their way. We spent 2 weeks seeing the Emerald Island by car and would strongly recommend that way to anyone planning a trip to Ireland.

Have a wonderful vacation in Ireland with the friendly people who love Americans.

Photograph: Ireland, courtesy

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Comments (11)
Ranked #11 in Europe

I have visited Ireland a few times and your description of this tour was a good reminder of those places.

This is perfect; it has been my girlfriend's dream to visit the land of her roots.

Wonderful article and wonderful experience! Really enjoyed reading this.

Thanks for the well guided tour.

Great advice. I do intend to go there one day.

Ireland is on my agenda to visit someday. Thanks for the tour guide.

Ranked #9 in Europe

Very useful guide for touring Ireland.Thanks.

Ireland is a great place to visit. This guide will be very useful for those who wish to visit Ireland.

Very helpful information! Voted up!

Truly a beautiful place to vacation. I was there back in the day when the IRA was a great deal more active than it is today.

Great article and great trip!