Facts About Iceland's Phallological Museum
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Facts About Iceland's Phallological Museum

Facts about Iceland's Phallological museum.Iceland's phallological or penis museum has 261 specimens from over 90 mammal species, but as yet no homo - sapien exhibits.Iceland's phallalogical museum is located in Husavik.

If you were to find yourself walking along any street in the North Icelandic coastal town of Husavik, you may well be surprised to notice rather a lot of tourists milling around.

Owing to it's arctic location this picturesque fishing port is not exactly known for it's beach holidays, but it can reel in the tourists as well as any Mediterranean resort.

Take yourself off to a street named Hedinsbraut and you just may find out the reason why this small and relatively unknown Icelandic town has become such a hit.

Since September 2009 a new and exclusive ' members only museum ' has been causing a storm of interest from around the world, for being  the only Phallological ( that's penis to you and me ) Museum in the world.

Yes, you read that right, a penis museum. 

 The small wooden erection situated on the aptly named Hedinsbraut, houses the brainchild of former history teacher Sigurour Hjartarson, who began his unusual collection of the male appendage in 1974 after being given a bulls penis as a present.( what strange presents they give in Iceland)

Since then his collection has swelled to a staggering 261 specimens from over 90 mammal species, which he keeps in glass jars of formaldehyde or stuffed and mounted onto walls.

His aim is to collect specimens from every mammal species in Iceland, which he has had donated to him from fisherman, hunters and zoo - ologists from around the country.

His prized exhibit is that of a sperm whale ( well, it would be wouldn,t it) that measures an impressive 1.7 metres long and his smallest exhibit is a penis bone from a doormouse, that measures just 2 millimetres long.

Founder, owner and curator of this unusual emporium, Hjartarson takes his subject very seriously, and is proud to be the world's only authority on Phallology.

His one roomed museum, that leaves nothing to the imagination, is easilly accessable with no private parts left unattended, although you may well wish there had been when you notice Hjartarson's collection of scrotum lamps hanging from the rafters.

On speaking with two British tourists after their impromptu viewing, one was insistant that there should have been a few more doors and less knobs in there !

When asked about any homo sapien exhibits, I was told that a certain Icelandic gentleman had shown an interest in donating his precious organ upon his demise, but as he is now 93 years of age one begins to wonder if it is all going to be a case of will he or wont he.

Joking aside, this unusual collection of exhibits from mice to reindeer featuring smoked horse penis and shrivelled bulls penises, is an interesting if not bizarre topic, which attracts around 20, 000 visitors a year, 60 % of which are women, all of whom have said that the frigid temperatures of Husavik have done nothing to deminish the rare and fine specimens contained within.

Hjartarson, an unassuming 50 something, looks on demurely when asked questions about his unusual collection, which he assures will always have viewers leaving with a smile on their face, obviously a venue not to be missed if ever you happen to be Husavik bound. 


Before going on to view the pictures below, please bear in mind that they could cause severe watering of the eyes, or leave you with marked feelings of inadequacy.  




VISIT THE MUSEUM'S WEBSITE    www.phallus.is/ 

ANOTHER ICELANDIC ARTICLE BY THE SAME AUTHOR.knoji.com/iceland-its-geographical-facts-and-figures/

                                                                             Images courtesy of Melkorka Magnusdottir.

                                                                                          © D.B.Bellamy. April 2010.







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Comments (14)

You never phallus to surprise us. :)

Ranked #1 in Europe

HeeHee, Good one Marie !

Brilliant write full of humour and great information. Iceland is a place I would love to visit one day as I love colder temperatures when I go I will definitely pay this place a visit!

Ranked #28 in Europe

Gosh: I first read "Ireland" and considered this not suitable for a Catholic country. I was right: it is Iceland. Now this is a indeed a weird museum. But who would expect less than that from a country with an erected vulcano who's ejaculation kept air traffic down for a while. ;)

Ranked #1 in Europe

Good one, like it !! I can tell you're on the ball !!

Ranked #17 in Europe

Great! I never heard of this stunning museum. Anymore like this?

Ranked #1 in Europe

I'm afraid not Francois, this place is unique, one of a kind.

Pity I live so far away :-) Great article

Ranked #1 in Europe

Thanks Val. Unfortunately Iceland is not far enough away for us in Europe!!.

Great work, DeeBee. This was a seminal article. Very funny and well-written. It's not really fair having a phallic museum in such a cold country, though is it?

Do you know, the amount of followers I have in Iceland on Twitter since I wrote this is amazing, they're cock - a - hoop that I've written this.

Ranked #1 in Europe

Dont' know what happened there, I suddenly became a guest.

so you should have DeeBee, it is a fascinating article!

Ranked #1 in Europe

Thanks Lisa, it's certainly different, that's for sure.