Best Historical Sites to See in Hungary
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Best Historical Sites to See in Hungary

Get a glimpse of Hungary’s vibrant past by visiting its best historical sites.

Hungary is a landlocked country situated in the central part of Eastern Europe. Hungary’s stormy history dating back to ancient times left the country with many grand historical sites. No wonder it houses some of the best architectural sites in Europe.


Although a lesser known attraction of Hungary, this ancient, outsized Roman site in the capital city of Budapest is home to some fascinating remains of a key military base. These sites belonging to the 2nd century AD are viewed both by historical enthusiasts and sightseers’ with equal passion. The site includes ruins of an amphitheater, burial grounds, homes, temples and a city wall. Do not forget to visit the modest museum that showcases the artifacts of the ancient site.

Buda Castle

It is one of the most iconic sites of Hungarian history. This massive palace in the Castle Quarter of Budapest houses many museums such as the National Gallery. Destroyed and raided several times Buda Castle has been rebuilt several times. Constant rebuilding and changes makes it difficult for historical enthusiasts to identify the exact period of each of these sites.

Military Museum

This museum in Budapest displays a series of impressive warfare items like weapons, flags, coins, armor and uniforms from the medieval ages to the II world war and after. Certainly not to be missed by military enthusiasts.

Pecs Christian Necropolis

It is one among the many World Heritage sites in Hungary. This ruined Roman Mausoleum of the 4th century is admired for its architecture marvel. The site has two levels - above-ground chapels and subterranean tombs. Visit Pecs Christian Necropolis to see the remnants of the Sopianae - an ancient Roman town and its fascinating murals.

The Iseum

Built in the 2nd century AD, the Iseum is a well-known historical site built for the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

Parliament Buildings

The 19th century built Parliament Buildings constructed in Gothic style has a characterized peak towers, a magnificent dome and a flamboyant limestone portico. This structure will definitely remind visitors of the Parliament House of UK. Stained glass, statues, frescoes and other forms of artwork scattered both in the interior and the exterior of these incredible buildings are of great fascination.

Matthias Church

This is the place were coronations and royal weddings take place. This medieval structure reflects the turbulent and diverse history of Budapest. Its vibrant and dramatic gothic style interiors and exteriors are witness to the many rulers the city experienced.

Those craving for enjoyable holiday in the European Continent must put Hungary in the priority list.

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