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This elegant Manueline tower with an extraordinary Gothic and Moorish decoration became the symbol of the expansion of Portugal and the most emblematic monument of Lisbon. From here the seafarers set sail during the Age of Discoveries. The vista from the top is marvellous. The edifice was listed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.
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The Ajuda Palace was built in the Neo-Classical Style. Though it remained uncompleted since the Portuguese Royal Family had to go into exile in Brazil in 1807, the magnificiently decorated rooms are a must-see. The extraordinary furniture adorned with Meissen China and the gardens overlooking the Tagus River and Lisbon historic centre are breathtaking.
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The elegant Rossio Square in Lisbon, was offically named Praça de Dom Pedro IV. It has always been the main meeting point in the Portuguese Capital with its famous cafés, pastry and flowers shops as well as newspapers and books stands. It is the only site of Lisbon that was not rebuilt after the terrible earthquake of 1775.
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Caldey Island, Wales is a great place for a vacation. There is much to see and enjoy. The Anglican Benedictine monks make perfume and sell it to the tourists. The perfume is very popular. You can also check out the Caldey Lighthouse that was built in 1829 and once had lighthouse keepers.
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Cork is the traditional material for use as wine bottle stoppers, but it has had competition in recent decades from, first, plastic and nylon alternatives, and more recently from screw-tops. But it seems technology is no match for tradition, and there is evidence that winemakers are turning back to cork in response to consumer preferences.
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The Republic of Malta, more commonly known as simply Malta, is an archipelago located in Southeastern Europe and is in the center of the Mediterranean. Malta is accessible within a three to four hour air travel from many European countries and by sea from Sicily or Italy. Numerous tourists visit Malta not only because of its splendid culture and history but also because of its warm and sunny weather. Having a holiday in Malta is very common for people in Europe who would like to experience the b...
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Before traveling to Portugal, it is useful to have some basic knowledge about the country, its geography besides following the the advisories enumerated in this article.
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Gatherings and drinking to celebrate good times is a tradition that precedes biblical history and carries on to this day. Once you have made your plans on a designated driver, here are some of the biggest beer fests of the world, which enjoy an international appeal unmatched of any other type of refreshment in the world.
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