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Gothic stone ceilings are made of arches and vaults that push, or thrust outwards. A buttress is necessary to keep the stones of the vault pressed together. These buttresses stand outside Gothic buildings and press against the vault inside by means of arches called flying buttresses.
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Britain's largest clockface. Britain's most famous clockface. Big Ben. the Royal Liver Building clocks. Wells Cathedral clock. Britain's oldest clock. Station clocks. Liverpool lime street station clock. Tredegar town square clock. greenwich meantime chronometer. Eastgate clock, Chester. Shell Mex House clock. britain's second largest clock. Britain's third largest clock. J.B.Joyce, Whitchurch, Shropshire.
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Industrial buildings of Britain. British canals. British coal mines and collieries. Cotton mills. Oast houses. Brick kilns. Bottle neck kilns. British railway history. British railway stations. Slate quarries and slate mines. Tin mines. water towetrs and pumping engines.
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The best tourist destinations in Bulgaria.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 91 months ago in Europe | +7 votes | 4 comments
Unique churches. Churches that don't resemble churches. Unusual looking churches. Churches that dont look like churches. Modern church architecture. Cathedral of Brasilia. Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro. Metropolitan Cathedral Liverpool. Pilgrimage church, Neviges.Notre Dame de Haut, Ronchamp. jubilee church, Rome.
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unusual places to find a church. Churches in unusual places. church In a cave.Church in a hillside. church in a saltmine.Church in a tree. Church on a bridge. Church on a cliff face. Churchon a volcanic plug. Basilica on a canyon.
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Unusual holiday lets, guest houses and hotels in Great Britian. Unusual places to stay in Great Britian. Castles and palaces as holiday lets.Unusual accommodation for a holiday. The National trust. The landmark Trust. The Bar convent Charity.
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Steel church, tin tabernacle, cast iron church, St Stephen's, Istanbul, San Sebastian, Manila, St Barabara's, Deepcut, Surrey, fire proof church, earthquake proof church
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Facts about Superlambanana. Superlambanana and Minisuperlambananas are tourist attractions in the City of Liverpool in the U.K. Superlambanana facts.Liverpool's Superlambanana facts.
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Here is a great story about Canary Islands. It also lists some must-see places in Canary Islands.
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A very important part of Greek Orthodox tradition, is the naming of a child after a Saint. Saints have days set aside for them and the Cypriots follow what is known as 'Name Day'.
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Driving rules in Europe are very complex. Indeed, all of the various indications are essential to safe and efficient driving. Foreign travellers are often unaware of some of the driving rules existing in this part of the world, and as such can potentially be at risk. Fortunately, there has been a sustained effort to harmonize the road panels throughout all European countries in the past years. Some of the indications still differ from one country to the next, but the panels are conceived intuiti...
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