All About the Rivers in the British Isles, the Largest Group of Islands in Europe
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All About the Rivers in the British Isles, the Largest Group of Islands in Europe

Rivers in the British Isles, the largest group of islands off the northwest coast of continental Europe: their origin, mouth, lenght
Rivers in the British Isles, the largest group of islands off the northwest coast of continental Europe: their origin, mouth, lenght

The British Isles possess excellent inland waterways because their rivers are generally smooth-flowing and abundant in water. On the other hand, the wide estuaries of the rivers, with their many inlets, provide safe harborage for ships and are constantly kept free for ocean navigation by the strong tidal currents. These natural advantages have been further exploited by the dredging of river mouths and the addition of a tick network of navigable canals. Most of these rivers in the British Isles form seaports at their estuaries.

The principal rivers of England, from south to north, are:

Medway, Thames, Tees, Wear, Tyne, Severn.

The River Medway

Source: the Ashdown Forest

Mouth: the Thames Estuary, North Sea

Length: 70 miles/112 kilometers

This river flows through West and East Sussex and into Kent, before reaching the Thames estuary. Many tributaries flow into the Medway, as it passes through the High Weald and Vale of Kent. It forms the ports of Rochester, Gillingham and Chatham.

The River Thames

Source: the Cotswold Hills

Mouth: Thames Estuary, North Sea

Length: 215 miles/330 kilometers

It is the longest river in Great Britain. It touches the cities of Oxford, Reading and Windsor, and from the City of London to Tilbury it forms the great Port of London.

The River Tees

Source: eastern slope of Cross Fell in the Pennines

Mouth: North Sea

Length: 85 miles/137 kilometers

It is a river in Northern England. It divides the historic counties of Westmoreland and Durham.

The River Wear

Source: Wearhead, County Durham .

Mouth: Sunderland, North Sea

Length: 60 miles/96 kilometers

It is one of the wonders of Northern England. It is associated with the history of the Industrial Revolution.

The River Tyne

Source: west of Hexham

Mouth: Tynemouth, North Sea, below Newcastle Upon Tyne

Length: 62 miles/99 kilometers

Is a river in North East England, formed by the confluence of two rivers: the North Tyne and the South Tyne.

The River Severn

Source: near the River Wye, on the northeastern slopes of Plynlimon, Wales

Mouth: Severn Estuary

Length: 220 miles/354 kilometers

It is the longest river in England. It flows westwards into the Bristol Channel.Its estuary has a notable tidal bore.

The main rivers of Scotland are:

Tweed, Forth, Tay, Dee on the eastern coast, and Clyde on the western one.

The River Tweed

Source: Tweedsmuir at Tweed's Well

Mouth: North Sea

Length: 97 miles/156 kilometers

It flows primarily through the Borders region of Great Britain.

The River Forth

Source: Loch Ard in the Trossachs

Mouth: Firth of Forth, North Sea

Length: 58 miles/94 kilometers

It is the major river draining the eastern part of the central belt of Scotland. After reaching Kincardine, the river begins to widen into an estuary: the Firth of Forth.

The River Tay

Source: Ben Lui

Mouth: Firth of Tay, North Sea

Length: 73 miles/117 kilometers

It is the longest river in Scotland.

The River Dee

Source: Wells of Dee, Cairngorms

Mouth: the North Sea at Aberdeen

Length: 87 miles/140 kilometers

This is a popular salmon river. It flows through some of the most stunning landscapes in Scotland.

The River Clyde

Source: Lowther Hills in South Lanarkshire

Mouth: Firth of Clyde

Length: 109 miles/176 kilometers

It flows through the major city of Glasgow and discharges to the Atlantic Ocean, on the western coast.

The main river in Ireland is:

The River Shannon

Source: Shannon Pot

Mouth: Shannon Estuary

Length: 240 miles/386 kilometers

It is the longest river. It drains most of the waters of the central plain into the Atlantic Ocean. It divides the west of Ireland from the east and south.


All About the Rivers in the British Isles, the Largest Group of Islands in Europe

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